Looking For An Estate Sale?

We just wrapped up 4 estate sales in three weeks and are gearing up for 4 more starting at the end of August. Whew!

The best place to keep up to date with sales is via the Facebook page – Around the Town Estate Sales, LLC. Also, you can sign up to receive emails for our sales via the Estatesales.org page.

If you want information as to how the estate sale process works, feel free to reach out at aroundthe townestate.com and we can get the process forwarded to you.

Thank you!

We’re Back

On Facebook, I’ve been receiving numerous requests about our website. Apparently, there is an icon a person can touch that will pose the question, Do you have a website?

My response is usually along the lines of, “Yes, but we don’t use it. Everything is handled on social media now. “

The question-seeker then apologizes, saying she hit the button by mistake.

Regardless (I don’t care what Merriam-Webster writes about the word, irregrdless. I’m not using it. Ever) of how or why those messages got to me, it made me realize that I should have an up-to date website for those who don’t subscribe to using social media. Plus, we have decided that it’s time for us to upgrade and increase access to our services.

I am one of the longest running estate sale businesses in the area. Several companies have come and gone, but we are still operating. That isn’t good enough, though. We want to be current, fresh, and of-service as often as possible.

Tune in here, or on our Facebook page, Around the Town Estate Sales, LLC, to stay up to date on upcoming sales.

Parkville Estate Sale

Smaller downsizing estate sale in Parkville runs Thursday from 2-5 pm, then picks up on Friday, 8-2 and Saturday 8-noon.

7414 Park Dr. Parkville. Please park on the same side as the home or around the corner on the side streets.

What’s there? A little bit of lots of different categories! Books, jewelry,  tools, fishing items art supplies, clothing, decor, art, trunks, Bose speakers, depression glass, barware, MCM dresser and mirrors, coffee table, sets of chairs, Black & Decker lawn mower, ladders, shelving, garden items, and more!

As always, it is best to check our facebook page and craigslist ads for sales! since that is where the bulk of shoppers look!

Downsizing Sale in White Marsh

Over the years, if there is one thing I’ve learned from assisting people with their situations, it’s that every circumstance is different. Therefore, as a professional in the field, I have to be able to adjust. Add, “flexible,” and “trouble-shooter,” to my resume.

This week, we met a couple who is still living at their property, but they have sold their home. They acquired another residence, but weren’t sure when they could move in. So, the initial plan  was to list their items, schedule the appointments, and have them meet up with potential buyers. The home has to be cleared by the 18th.

That plan went KA-PUT this afternoon when they advised us that they are packing their belongings and moving on Friday to just around the corner. They are willing to have an on-premise sale this Saturday. Yes,  In. 3. Days!

We have been doing set-up, research, and advertising for 15 years, so are super-fantastic at what we do. This is a piece of cake for us, especially since this is what we call a downsize,” as opposed to a full estate sales.

Sale runs on Saturday, 08/11,  from 8-12 at 5602 Country Farm Rd 21162. If you can’t make it, no worries. Contact us and we can arrange for you to meet & shop another day next week.

Pictures up tomorrow.

We encourage you to check out our Facebook page – Around the Town Estate Sales. LIKE and FOLLOW along with nearly 2200 fans of ours! It’s the best place to see photos and get the scoop.

Better at Sales Than I Am at Web Pages

For 15 years, I’ve been organizing, reselling, staffing, marketing, and hosting estate sales. Every property, every situation is different and I am a master at trouble shooting to determine the best course of action to suggest to help a seller.

My business was built on referrals from prior clients, attorneys, real estate agents, friends and family, and senior living community staff.

Now, we are starting to expand in other ways . We have a strong social media presence, but feel a web site/blog page will add to our reach.

Please be patient while we update this site!

If you need to reach us, the best way is via our email at aroundthetownestate@yahoo.com